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April 9, 2009

‘Vlaamse Opera’, an anti-Israeli organization?

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opera_135782The Jewish community in Belgium is offended once more. This time, the ‘Vlaamse Opera‘ is the culprit. The periodical ‘Joods Actueel‘ objects in advance to the opening performance of the opera ‘Samson and Delilah’ on April 28 in Antwerp.

In the last edition of ‘Joods Actueel’, Guido Joris opposes the opera’s staging because of the possible interpretation of the two directors Amir Nizar-Zuabi and Omri Nitzan. The directors previously suggested that the biblical story serves as a model for the current conflict in the Middle East. Because of this reason, debates and film showings are organized around the stagings.

Mr. Joris holds the opinion that these films are anti-Israeli. As a consequence, he demurs to these film showings. Moreover, he fears the worst for the opera’s settings and costumes.

The ‘Vlaamse Opera’ reacted surprised to the severe criticism. They refute thevlaamseopera1 assertion that the ‘Vlaamse Opera’ is an anti-Israeli organization and are indignant because of the premature criticism.

The conflict between ‘Joods Actueel’ and the ‘Vlaamse Opera’ is the most recent one in a row of clashes with the Jewish organization.  Earlier, there were multiple conflicts with the VRT because of programmes that were experienced as offending.

The Jewish organization seems to be a little bit touchy lately. Will this succession of conflicts send the image and credibility of ‘Joods Actueel’ to the bottom?  And what about the public opinion towards the Jewish organization?


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