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October 26, 2008

Marketer of the year: Barack Obama

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The American marketing journal “Advertising Age” has announced the results of this year’s poll among marketers, agency heads and marketing services vendors (The Inspiration Room). At the Association of National Advertisers’ annual conference 36,1 % of the votes were in favour of Barack Obama. At first sight I considered a presidential candidate to be  a quite unusual winner: the closest competitors were Apple (27.3%), Zappos (14.1%) and Nike (9.4 %). However, with John McCain receiving 4,5 % of votes, politicians apparently have conquered their spot in the marketing industry.

According to experts, Obama’s campaign has done so well by creating a social network in which people can engage very easily. The main secret behind the campaign appears to be the recognition of supporters’ talent. A well-known example is the work of street artist and DJ Shepard Fairey. As a big fan of Obama he designed two images, featuring Obama with the words “hope” and “progress”, which started to circulate around the world. Just two weeks later the artist was asked to create an official poster, with the word “change”. This poster is now even for sale on Obama’s website.

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