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April 10, 2009

New harbour, new home port?

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My internship will take place at the local government of the city of Ghent. I will function as a project communication assistant. The project concerned is called “Revitalisering Oude Industriehavens” or “Revitalising Old Industrial Harbours”. Together with seven other cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, including Antwerp, Hasselt, Leuven, Oostende, Roermond, Tilburg and Vlissingen, Ghent will start turning the old harbour into a new lively environment to work and live in. They will also create a book and a dvd on how the old quays are developing. Everything will be recorded on tape before, during and after the changes. This project is just a small part of Ghent’s bigger mission, namely “Mission 2020”. This mission deals with ideas on what the city should look like in 2020 according to governments and according to the inhabitants of the city themselves. Getting everyone involved is of major importance, so I think Ghent is doing a wonderful job being socially responsible!


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