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April 7, 2009

Arcuris: Managing Excellence

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Want to reassure your company of a succesful rebranding? What about a risk-free product launching? Worrying about a major restructuring within the company?

We, at Arcuris, provide a fully certified freelance manager, up to date with the latest technologies, ready to change your company’s risk into an opportunity. He comes in at the project level and leads your company’s project team, in tight cooperation with your programme manager and according to the preset guidelines of your company. After the succesful completion of his task within time, budget and quality requirements, our freelance manager draws up a lessons learned report which can be used for future reference when faced with a similar risk problem.

This is what you can expect from any risk manager, right? So why take Arcuris on board then? Well, here are two important reasons why:

Firstly our freelance manager focuses on the long term benefits for your company. He knows how important motivated employees are for the future of the company so, in contrast to many other freelance risk managers, he takes the people aspect of the project at heart and reassures your company of a motivated team. When the project is finished, the team members will have more respect for themselves, their work and their company. Secondly, our freelance manager takes the perceptions of all the important stakeholders into account through continuous, effective communication to reassure your company of the desired outcome.

In other words, when taking Arcuris on board to lead your team through a risk project, you secure your company of attaining the desired outcome within the time, budget and quality requirements, whilst boosting your employees’ motivation. We, at Arcuris, know how to change your risk into an opportunity.

So why wait any longer? Contact Arcuris NOW for excellence in risk management and get a free concise risk analysis.


April 6, 2009

Optimising Healthcare

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HICT is a recently founded company that provides solutions in healthcare. It provides these solutions through consultancy, support, software development and integration services. HICT offers expertise in healthcare, ICT and innovation through a team of consultants. This team is multidisciplinary composed and each of these consultants is in fact an expert in his domain, e.g. a doctor, an economist, a lawyer.

HICT’s main objective is to optimise the healthcare industry by means of projects. These projects can consist of e.g. changes in the supply chain of hospitals, changes in organisations such as a new law or a reporting system, solutions in ICT and so on.

Their approach is unique in the healthcare industry in Belgium, because they work with consultants who are highly experienced in the sector and because of their multidisciplinary approach.

Within three weeks I will start my internship at HICT. HICT also wants to optimise all the internal operations within the company itself. Therefore, I will optimise their system of proposals to their clients.

Nathalie Poelaert

North Korea provokes the world

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Last night North Korea test-fired a long-range missile. The operation seems to have failed, because only a few minutes after the missile was launched it crashed into the Sea of Japan. Yet, North Korea managed to proceed with this operation, notwithstanding the objection of the world powers.

Several countries from all over the world have already denounced this action and this morning’s statement from the White House shows the indignation of the United States: “The United States ‘strongly condemns’ the launches and North Korea’s ‘unwillingness to heed calls for restraint from the international community’. This provocative act violates a standing moratorium on missile tests to which the North had previously committed.”

Since the confession of North Korea in October 2002 to have a secret nuclear-arms programme, several talks between North Korea and six other parties took place to prevent North Korea to go on with this programme. In 1999 North Korea even signed a Moratorium on Testing of Long-Range Missiles. However, in the past ten years North Korea has violated this declaration more than once.

It is not any wonder that the world powers are disturbed. North Korea could easily reach Alaska, Russia, Pakistan and India with its long-range missiles and we have learned from the past that North Korea is not afraid to violate its agreements.

Nathalie Poelaert

February 24, 2009

UCB offers 100 extra jobs!

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Great news: the pharmaceutical enterprise UCB will create 100 extra jobs in their branch at Eigenbrakel!

This news shows a harsh contrast with the flow of dismissals daily put forward in our newspapers. Every week several companies announce reorganization or the dismissals of several employees.

Nevertheless, the news about these extra jobs might come across as a little paradox! Several months ago UCB announced the worldwide dismissal of 2400 employees and 450 out of the 2400 dismissals would be employees of the branch at Eigenbrakel. So if you make a quick calculation, 350 employees will be fired at Eigenbrakel.

However, we should not see this in a quantitative way, but we should look at this from a qualitative perspective. UCB claims to have a logical explanation. These changes fit in their SHAPE-plan, a plan to reorganize UCB’s strategy at the pharmaceutical market. Their goal is to shift their activities to another focus. Furthermore, UCB says that these extra jobs require different competences.

Nathalie Poelaert

November 1, 2008

RAAR FM soothens your financial problems

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RAAR FM is an Aruban online radio station which presented a “financial crisis top 100” on Monday the 20th of October 2008! RAAR FM aired this program because they are fed up with the buzz around this crisis. Their advice: the best thing to do if you’re tired of a hype, is to make a top 100.

The top consists of 100 songs which concern the financial crisis. All listeners could send in their ideas. Here you can see the top 10 financial crisis songs:

1 Nina Simone – Ain’t got no-I got life
2 Pink Floyd – Money
3 John Lennon – Imagine
4 Boomtown Rats – I don’t like mondays
5 Monty Python – Look on the bright side of life
6 Simply Red – Money’s too tight to mention
7 Trockener Kecks – Het komt nooit meer goed
8 Red Box – For America
9 Stone Roses – Fools gold
10 New Order – True faith

You can check out the complete “top 100 financial crisis” at !

This top 100 is not just another radio show. It is part of their marketing strategy. This event got a lot of media coverage and even when you googled ‘financial crisis’ during a certain period of time the first one in the list was a link to the website of RAAR FM.

This is not the first time RAAR FM performs a stunt like this. The last time the station aired a top 100, it almost led to a law suit . The station decided to make an “anti-homo top 100”, to act in opposition to BNN’s “homo top 100”. The chairman of the Holebi Federation of the Netherlands (HLBF) deplored this initiative. Although it was meant to be ironical, the HLBF decided to inform the legal instances of gay discrimination.

Poelaert Nathalie

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