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April 11, 2009

You are in good hands

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Two weeks ago, a serious mistake was made in the Brugmann hospital in Brussels. A corrossive substance – instead of distilled water – was used to clean an endoscope, causing severe internal burns to 4 patients during a routine intestinal check-up.

The hospital immediately admitted a blunder was made. They contacted the possibly affected patients,  offered them the appropriate medical, psychological, legal, administrative assistance, and promised a compensation. A fine example of good crisis communication!

But at the same time the hospital brought action against an unknown person and tried to minimalise the damage. Two weeks have passed and nothing has been communicated concerning the results of the investigation. The patients complained about the bad communication of the hospital towards them.

The website of the Brugmann Hospital says nothing about the incident. It does say they are cooperating in a national campaign about hospital hygiene ‘You are in good hands’. I’m not so sure if the 4 victims would agree on this…

Maud Bonte

Sources: Zware fout bij darmonderzoek, Knack, 31 March 2009
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March 31, 2009

Make your customers feel at home: create the right mood…

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What makes one gym more attractive than another? Most gyms have similar types of equipment, they all organize spinning classes and aerobic workouts, most of them have saunas and a solarium…

We think the answer to this question is the atmosphere. Whether or not you feel at ease in your fitness centre depends largely on the ambiance you can create. We believe that a comfortable, invigorating environment is an imperative to work out. People are no longer solely motivated by health considerations when visiting a gym. They want to enjoy the club feeling and want to be entertained. Music is a very important, if not the most important, element of creating a dynamic and diverting atmosphere. Creating the right vibe in your gym protects you from the pitfall many gyms are faced with: the dropping out of members. More than 46% of gym members do not renew their subscription. The VJ-Matic can be a valuable asset to help you reduce that number.

The VJ-Matic answers just the needs that any manager of a gym may have. With the VJ-Matic full rental package you have access to 3500 of the latest songs and 1000 video clips. This surely will be enough to create just the right mood for your customers: lounge in the morning, pop rock in the afternoon, R’n’B in the evening.

Included in the price aredjmatic-klein

  • the rent of a powerful computer, one that can stand a good deal
  • the user friendly VJ-Matic interface
  • 3500 songs and 1000 video clips
  • a monthly update of the latest songs
  • full technical service within 24 hrs, a replacement PC if necessary

An extra plus: no need to worry about copyright. All kinds of royalties are included in the price.

The VJ-Matic: A win-win situation for every party involved!

Lana Robingon, Ankie Dees and Maud Bonte

Every city needs its sitcom

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It is hard to miss it nowadays when you are driving around inflikkenpet Ghent: April 18 is Flikkenparty! It is a last goodbye of the city and the police of Ghent to the production company Eyeworks and the Flikken-actors, after ten years of Flikken.

A proper goodbye is the least they can do. Ghent was probably the first city in Belgium to promote itself through a television program, though it invested heavily in Flikken: ‘€ 506 125’ mayor Termont recently revealed. But the return on investment was more than satisfying: thousands of tourists discovered Ghent, especially from the Netherlands, where the series is incredibly popular; and the last edition of the yearly Flikkendag attracted over 135 000 visitors. One cannot deny that the series refurbished the image of Ghent, and even more that of its police corps.

Flikken certainly was a trendsetter. City marketing through television programs is hot: Bruges has Aspe, Halle has Witse, Limburg has Katarakt, recently Brussels joined with Jes. Witse, Aspe and Katarakt have proven their success by attracting plenty of tourists and visitors.

Ostend, Eeklo, Mechelen, what are you waiting for?

Maud Bonte


March 29, 2009

Marketing for babies

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A couple of weeks ago, De Standaard wrote ‘Belgian babies don’t eat balanced enough’. The same article announced the launch of a new website On this site you can do a test about your child’s diet and discuss with other parents. The article seemed neutral, but behind the website is Nutricia, the number one provider of babyfood.

When you are pregnant, you will soon find out you are a chosen marketing prey. A whole new world will open itself to you, you will learn about products that you never even heard of, but which all seem indispensable for nurturing and raising your baby. There is a very thin line between information and marketing and marketeers are eager to make you believe you need all this in order to raise a happy, healthy baby.

It is a miracle how we turned out OK, knowing that our parents didn’t have a Sangenic for dirty diapers or made our pap without a Babycook!

Maud Bonte

October 28, 2008

Clubbyclub, where real friends meet…

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Ever since the internet made its entrance in virtually every living room in the Western world, the limits of privacy have become very vague. Employees and job-seekers should be aware that anonymity doesn’t exist online. (Future) employers are likely to check you out on the web. The number of friends you have on Facebook may influence the image a recruiter has of you. And that holiday picture that has started to live its own life online certainly won’t do your reputation any good.

Clubbyclub, a brand new online platform, claims it has an answer to this. The platform should allow you to create your own private online community, without any priers – like your future employer – around. Pictures of a new girlfriend or last weekend’s party finally found a safe haven.

Clubbyclub started just recently, it hasn’t been proven, nor enfeebled, if it actually does offer privacy. So if you have pictures you don’t want people like your boss to find out about, it’s probably better not to put them online at all.

Maud Bonte

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