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April 8, 2009

Changing the world one blog at a time

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Care Logo

My internship is at the Brussels department of CARE, called Care for Europe. The organization tries to fight for a better world through lobbying, educational programs and research. They work in the area of education, bioethics, equality, family, prostitution and human trafficking. Through the lobby work at Care for Europe for example, a free hotline for trafficked people has been set up and the issue of human trafficking has been set on the political agenda.

I will be working on creating new partnerships with likeminded organizations and improving the website of Care. Blogs and community sites for social profit organizations are just starting up and as the following case shows, they have great potential in fulfilling some essential tasks. Reaching people to discuss delicate subjects for example, can be difficult but CARE has realized the great potential of blogs and forums to get conversations started. One example is the blog for men whose partner has had a miscarriage or an abortion ( The blog has been a great success as men have been able to share their story and get feedback from others without having to feel threatened or pressured. They can also be a great tool to connect with other organizations and exchange ideas and experience.

Of course there are many threats that coincide with blogs and social profit organizations will have to put effort into keeping their website updated. Still, I believe it will prove to be a very handy tool and I look forward to discovering its possibilities during my internship at Care for Europe.

Aisling van Vliet


April 7, 2009

How to make your website stand out of the crowd

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What has happened to libraries books has happened to internet sites too: no-one can find them! So I was thinking about what it is that makes some websites stand out from others. We all know that Google has a head start concerning popular search engines, but which website makes it to number one?

As I was surfing for the most popular website, I bumped into a website called which is an English website that lists the top ten websites of the year structured by category. The best social profit site of 2008 for example, is As I return to my question: ‘What makes a website stand out of the crowd?” I find a threefold answer: excellent content, navigation and web design that appeal to the target group. Looking at the web design of, it is directly clear that it targets (young) women. The visual and verbal tools that are used succeed in engaging women between 15-35 years of age. There is also a clear structure with a navigation tool on the left hand side to guide visitors through the site. As for content, the website finds a healthy balance between giving relevant information and receiving feedback. By providing blogs it also has a greater chance of having the visitor return to the site.

Now that we know why certain websites turn more heads than others, we still have the problem of finding them. So, maybe a fourth important element to being a winning website is marketing your website. If no-one knows about your website than the three other elements really loose a lot of their relevance. So make sure to market your website on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Network with other relevant websites and have a link to your website on theirs. If you really want to build up traffic you can always create an affiliate program and have as many websites promote your website as you want as long as you are prepared to pay them for it!

For more relevant info on making a website that won’t be passed by unnoticed surf to the following website:

Aisling van Vliet

Creating an exciting environment to reach customers: sponsorship

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As we know, many companies are faced with having to personalize their marketing. New marketing strategies apply and new marketing communication channels are used to reach a whole range of unique consumers. Somewhere along the way consumers have become partners and companies have had to find less obvious ways to reach consumers and creative sponsorship might just be the key.

An example of creative sponsorship marketing is the Aktia Bank case. This Finnish Bank wanted to attract young people to their bank and sponsored Hype the Musical to do so. They partnered up with a musical about the biggest rock festival in Finland and launched their new Hype bankcard for young people during the event. As soon as young people entered the hall, it was obvious to them that Aktia sponsored the event though not intrusive. After a two month long sponsorship and thanks to the large success of the musical, Aktia saw its share in young customers increase with 40% and 30% of the passive young customers of Aktia reactivated their bank account with them. The overall impact of the sponsorship boasted Aktia’s image and the interest in the Hype Card tremendously (

This case might be an encouragement to social profit organizations. If they are able to attract the right sponsor through convincing them about the ROI of their sponsorship, finding funds won’t be such a struggle.

Aisling van Vliet

Second Life as the new market place

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Since its public opening in 2003, Second Life has expanded to a virtual global world that has millions of virtual inhabitants. Besides providing virtual gay bars and casino’s, Second Life also offers companies a great marketing space.

Cisco, the leading supplier of networking equipment, soon realized Second Life’s marketing potential and is using it as a major marketing and networking tool. Besides arranging virtual meetings with its employees and offering extensive customer training through Second Life, Cisco uses it as a tool for customer interaction. The company presents its products using PowerPoint and video presentations and offers feedback to customers concerning their questions about certain products. Christian Renaud, chief architect of networked virtual environments for Cisco states that the real value of Second Life for Cisco is the opportunity for spontaneous customer interaction (the InformationWeek Blog).

In an era of increasing globalisation and technologisation, virtual worlds like Second Life could become an intrinsic part of marketing and business communication.

If you’d like to know more about Second Life and its business potential you can look up the following sites:

Arcuris: Managing Excellence

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Want to reassure your company of a succesful rebranding? What about a risk-free product launching? Worrying about a major restructuring within the company?

We, at Arcuris, provide a fully certified freelance manager, up to date with the latest technologies, ready to change your company’s risk into an opportunity. He comes in at the project level and leads your company’s project team, in tight cooperation with your programme manager and according to the preset guidelines of your company. After the succesful completion of his task within time, budget and quality requirements, our freelance manager draws up a lessons learned report which can be used for future reference when faced with a similar risk problem.

This is what you can expect from any risk manager, right? So why take Arcuris on board then? Well, here are two important reasons why:

Firstly our freelance manager focuses on the long term benefits for your company. He knows how important motivated employees are for the future of the company so, in contrast to many other freelance risk managers, he takes the people aspect of the project at heart and reassures your company of a motivated team. When the project is finished, the team members will have more respect for themselves, their work and their company. Secondly, our freelance manager takes the perceptions of all the important stakeholders into account through continuous, effective communication to reassure your company of the desired outcome.

In other words, when taking Arcuris on board to lead your team through a risk project, you secure your company of attaining the desired outcome within the time, budget and quality requirements, whilst boosting your employees’ motivation. We, at Arcuris, know how to change your risk into an opportunity.

So why wait any longer? Contact Arcuris NOW for excellence in risk management and get a free concise risk analysis.

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