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April 8, 2009

Get to know your favorite company on Open Bedrijvendag

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Have you ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes of your favorite coffee brand or chocolate maker? Maybe you have wondered how your preferred beer brand is produced? If this is the case, Open Bedrijvendag might be the answer to your questions.

Open Bedrijvendag is the largest one-day event in Flanders. Each year, on the first Sunday of October, more than 400 companies open their doors to the general public. By taking guided tours around the company or by participating in workshops, people can get acquainted with their company of interest.

The companies that take part in Open Bedrijvendag have very different profiles, varying in size, sector, products, … interesting for young and old. Last year a record was achieved with 438 participating companies that attracted more than 800.000 visitors. 280 companies have already signed up for the edition of 2009, among which Frisk International, Ambiorix, VTM and Bavik Brewery.

In a couple of weeks I am starting my internship at Open Bedrijven VZW, the company that works fulltime on the organisation of Open Bedrijvendag. My responsibilities will consist of the organisation of information sessions for participating companies and the assistance of those companies with the composition of brochures etc. Moreover, Open Bedrijven VZW has given me the opportunity to work on 2 exciting projects: the creation of a new website with good news from the participating companies and the analysis of the visitor survey of the edition of 2008.

openbedrijvenlogo5     openbedrijven31     openbedrijven41     openbedrijven51     openbedrijven61     openbedrijvendag3


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