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April 8, 2009

Changing the world one blog at a time

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Care Logo

My internship is at the Brussels department of CARE, called Care for Europe. The organization tries to fight for a better world through lobbying, educational programs and research. They work in the area of education, bioethics, equality, family, prostitution and human trafficking. Through the lobby work at Care for Europe for example, a free hotline for trafficked people has been set up and the issue of human trafficking has been set on the political agenda.

I will be working on creating new partnerships with likeminded organizations and improving the website of Care. Blogs and community sites for social profit organizations are just starting up and as the following case shows, they have great potential in fulfilling some essential tasks. Reaching people to discuss delicate subjects for example, can be difficult but CARE has realized the great potential of blogs and forums to get conversations started. One example is the blog for men whose partner has had a miscarriage or an abortion ( The blog has been a great success as men have been able to share their story and get feedback from others without having to feel threatened or pressured. They can also be a great tool to connect with other organizations and exchange ideas and experience.

Of course there are many threats that coincide with blogs and social profit organizations will have to put effort into keeping their website updated. Still, I believe it will prove to be a very handy tool and I look forward to discovering its possibilities during my internship at Care for Europe.

Aisling van Vliet


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