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April 7, 2009

The eBay of job hunting

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What would you get if you crossed for example the auction website eBay with the job search engine No need to reflect too long on this, because there is an example of this combination:! This website was founded in March 2008, as a school project of three students, who wanted to create a new type of e-college-job marketplace. The target group were students of Boston, who could use the website for earning some cash for college. Nowadays, the website has grown to offer different types of jobs, from babysitting to finance. Furthermore, because of the great succes of the website, a second Beta-version has been released in January 2009.

How does it exactly work? First of all, employers post a job offer on the website and write down how much they will pay for that position. Then it is up to potential employees to start tossing out their qualifications and to ‘bid’ on how much they would be willing to work for. So the system is quite similar as how people bid on clothes or antiques, but the outcome is different of course. 

Is this the new way of job hunting in the E-world we live in?

Anja Peleman


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