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April 7, 2009

How to make your website stand out of the crowd

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What has happened to libraries books has happened to internet sites too: no-one can find them! So I was thinking about what it is that makes some websites stand out from others. We all know that Google has a head start concerning popular search engines, but which website makes it to number one?

As I was surfing for the most popular website, I bumped into a website called which is an English website that lists the top ten websites of the year structured by category. The best social profit site of 2008 for example, is As I return to my question: ‘What makes a website stand out of the crowd?” I find a threefold answer: excellent content, navigation and web design that appeal to the target group. Looking at the web design of, it is directly clear that it targets (young) women. The visual and verbal tools that are used succeed in engaging women between 15-35 years of age. There is also a clear structure with a navigation tool on the left hand side to guide visitors through the site. As for content, the website finds a healthy balance between giving relevant information and receiving feedback. By providing blogs it also has a greater chance of having the visitor return to the site.

Now that we know why certain websites turn more heads than others, we still have the problem of finding them. So, maybe a fourth important element to being a winning website is marketing your website. If no-one knows about your website than the three other elements really loose a lot of their relevance. So make sure to market your website on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Network with other relevant websites and have a link to your website on theirs. If you really want to build up traffic you can always create an affiliate program and have as many websites promote your website as you want as long as you are prepared to pay them for it!

For more relevant info on making a website that won’t be passed by unnoticed surf to the following website:

Aisling van Vliet


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