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April 7, 2009

Creating an exciting environment to reach customers: sponsorship

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As we know, many companies are faced with having to personalize their marketing. New marketing strategies apply and new marketing communication channels are used to reach a whole range of unique consumers. Somewhere along the way consumers have become partners and companies have had to find less obvious ways to reach consumers and creative sponsorship might just be the key.

An example of creative sponsorship marketing is the Aktia Bank case. This Finnish Bank wanted to attract young people to their bank and sponsored Hype the Musical to do so. They partnered up with a musical about the biggest rock festival in Finland and launched their new Hype bankcard for young people during the event. As soon as young people entered the hall, it was obvious to them that Aktia sponsored the event though not intrusive. After a two month long sponsorship and thanks to the large success of the musical, Aktia saw its share in young customers increase with 40% and 30% of the passive young customers of Aktia reactivated their bank account with them. The overall impact of the sponsorship boasted Aktia’s image and the interest in the Hype Card tremendously (

This case might be an encouragement to social profit organizations. If they are able to attract the right sponsor through convincing them about the ROI of their sponsorship, finding funds won’t be such a struggle.

Aisling van Vliet


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