Multilingual Business Communication

April 7, 2009

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In May, I will start my internship at SBS Belgium in Zaventem. This company is part of the German ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group. Maybe these names don’t sound familiar to you, but you will definitely know the Flemish commercial t.v. channels VT4 and VijfTV. Although the two channels are clearly related to each other, they both have their own target group and marketing strategy.

VT4 started broadcasting on 1 February 1995, and is aimed to young people from 15 to 44 year old. The broadcasting station started without a Belgian license and got round the Flemish rules by transmitting with a U-turn construction from the UK. After some image switches, the current VT4 house style and logo were introduced in 2002. Since then, self-made Belgian programs are its core business, of which the most famous are Peking Express, Temptation Island, Het Hotel, Huizenjacht etc. These programs represent the main values of the broadcast channel: Friends, Adventure, Temptation and Attitude. VT4 has an average market share of 10%.

In October 2004, VijfTV was launched as a sister channel of VT4. Its target group are women between 20 and 49 years old. Soon this well-orientated channel had a market share of some 5 %. It is famous for its programs ‘Komen Eten’, ‘Help mijn man is een klusser’, ‘Droomhuis onder de zon’ etc, but it also scores with ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’.

During my traineeship, I’ll work on the Press Relations department. I’ll scan the newspapers and magazines to see what is written about SBS’s programs and employees. I’ll write press releases, and organize press conferences. I’m very glad that I get the chance to work for this modern and challenging company, as I am a frequent watcher of its programs myself! I’ll do anything in my power to make the viewing figures skyrocket!


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