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April 6, 2009

What PR can do for a brand.

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In most academic books and definitions worldwide, PR – Public Relations – is seen as a part of the corporate mix. They all define PR as managing the reputation of an organisation or company by influencing positively the opinion of its public. However, PR is becoming an important part of the marketing mix, because brands also need a good reputation! So, PR is not only limited to companies in general, but it can also be used for their brands.

Interel, a European strategic communications and public affairs consultancy, has a ‘Brand and Communications’ department that deals with PR for brands.

Here are some of the strategic roles for brand PR:

  • to raise awareness, to establish the new brand proposition at launch
  • to enhance reputation and develop image
  • to improve brand relevance
  • to reinforce a brand’s content via independent experts, opinion formers and consumers
  • to deepen consumer understanding of specific brand benefits
  • to project a brand’s values, personality, essence by targeting the core consumer group


(Kirsten De Weerdt)


Lecture on building brand reputation through PR by Ms. Laurence Grevesse, associate director at Interel PR & PA


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