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April 5, 2009

Team building “flight” to the death

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Looking for an exciting job building activity? Try a simulated airplane crash offered by British Airways. For 140 euro a head, employees go aboard of a Boeing 737 in a hangar at Heathrow. A couple of minutes after the takeoff, the plane starts crashing, while all lights go out and the cabin fills with smoke. From the moment the plane hits the ground, the passengers have to get out as fast as they can through the front and rear exits.

According to Andy Clubb from British Airways, this course stimulates the team spirit between the colleagues: “The adrenaline kicks and they all bond together because they go through a stressful environment”.

The team building excercise seems very succesful. At the end of February, British Airways had received more than 350 bookings.

This initiative may look an exciting and original way to please your employees, but not everybody is in to such a spectacular team building day. One may not see the amuzement of such a course because they associate it with great disasters of the 21 century. In my opinion, this is too principal. But I do have my objections: it seems as if British Airways tries to collect money in times of recession, while your company spoils its own budgets. What do you think? Shoud we all go back to paintball shooting or is a recession a good time to make team buildings big business.

(Charlotte De Ruytter)


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