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April 4, 2009

Alfatechnics: beyond packaging

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Nearly all the products you buy at your local supermarket are wrapped. Have you ever thought about how this is done? If you were going to set up your own company, you would have. Because in that case, you would be in need of Alfatechnics’ help. This Belgian company namely acts as an intermediary between manufacturers of packaging machines and companies in need of such machines.


Exactly how does Alfatechnics work? Benny Verbist, the manager, first sits down with the customer and helps him or her to determine which kind of machine their company needs. Then he contacts Alfatechnics’ partners who will not only deliver the machine but who will also adjust it to the client’s specific needs. Finally, the machine is integrated into the production line, taking care of the specificities of the production line.

Now why would a company use Alfatechnics’ help instead of ordering a machine themselves? It is because Alfatechnics offers them various benefits that they would have to do without otherwise. First of all, Mr. Verbist has years of experience in the field of packaging. He knows the market and he works closely together with the best producers of packing machines available. Secondly, as Alfatechnics cooperates with several producers, the clients get to choose from a larger number of machines. Finally, Alfatechnics invests in durable relationships with its clients and takes care of MRO.

Alfatechnics definitely goes beyond a regular packaging solution: the focus is on the client and his packaging needs are met in the best possible way.

Aagje Verbogen
Elisa Van Peteghem
Marlène Bragard


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