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March 31, 2009

Every city needs its sitcom

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It is hard to miss it nowadays when you are driving around inflikkenpet Ghent: April 18 is Flikkenparty! It is a last goodbye of the city and the police of Ghent to the production company Eyeworks and the Flikken-actors, after ten years of Flikken.

A proper goodbye is the least they can do. Ghent was probably the first city in Belgium to promote itself through a television program, though it invested heavily in Flikken: ‘€ 506 125’ mayor Termont recently revealed. But the return on investment was more than satisfying: thousands of tourists discovered Ghent, especially from the Netherlands, where the series is incredibly popular; and the last edition of the yearly Flikkendag attracted over 135 000 visitors. One cannot deny that the series refurbished the image of Ghent, and even more that of its police corps.

Flikken certainly was a trendsetter. City marketing through television programs is hot: Bruges has Aspe, Halle has Witse, Limburg has Katarakt, recently Brussels joined with Jes. Witse, Aspe and Katarakt have proven their success by attracting plenty of tourists and visitors.

Ostend, Eeklo, Mechelen, what are you waiting for?

Maud Bonte



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