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March 29, 2009

How to write brochures that work

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Have you ever considered using brochures to communicate about your company? They do not have to be boring pieces of information. Written well, a brochure will help your company boost its results.

There are at least two benefits to having your own brochure. Firstly, you gain credibility as “people expect a ‘real’ company to have printed sales literature.” Secondly, it is timesaving: your customers can read it at their leisure, you add a personal touch, and it supports the other means of communication you use.

Brochures make a first impression of your company, so you want to do it right. How do you start? Firstly, you have to know the audience you address. What information will they be looking for? Write from their point of view and create different brochures for each target group. Secondly, you have to motivate your customers to pick up the brochure. You do this by designing an exciting cover (limiting it to the company name or product just does not work). Also include photos to draw interest and write short and simple texts. Thirdly, make sure you use a good structure, preferably mirroring the order of your customers’ questions. If the brochure is eight pages or longer, include a contents page. Finally, when describing your product, stress its benefits rather than its features.

The last thing to do is to make sure that your customers will buy your product or your service. How you do this? Simply by adding “contact us”. If you want to make your brochure a keeper, do not hesitate to alter the A4 shape into e.g. a football, if that is what you are selling. Providing tips and tricks also helps your brochure stand a chance.

Still not feeling up to it? Then contact an advertising copywriter or a company such as Writing Machine.

Aagje Verbogen


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