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March 22, 2009

in the name of transparency

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Have you ever heard of This American website gives employees the opportunity to publish their salary anonymously.

The website attracts more and more surfers every day and contains salaries of more than 3300 workers from about 250 companies. According to the founders, it is a chance for future employees to assess the working conditions of several companies (among others Yahoo, Google, Microsoft). This new tool should also enable current workers to compare their wages with others’ and help them with the renegotiation of a new salary with their bosses. is also becoming a place where employees can drop their comments on the firm or their employer. The website pretends to serve both sides because it would also be a way for employers to know more about gossips and opinions about them.

I wonder whether this kind of website would be successful in a country like ours where salaries seem to be more of a taboo subject.


(Marlène Bragard)


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  1. If this website is anonymous, it may be even more successful in a country like ours, where salary is indeed something you don’t openly talk about. Websites like are quite popular. I do believe sites like this are useful, like you say, both for job seekers and for employees.
    The other part of, where you can write a review about the pros and cons of the job and your working condition, may be informative for outsiders as well. But then, where does the information stop and where does the gossip start?

    Comment by Maud Bonte — March 29, 2009 @ 4:24 pm

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