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March 16, 2009

Microsoft’s Surface provides a new bridge into the digital world

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Microsoft’s new showpiece, called “Surface”, is only two to three years away…if rumours are to be believed. Surface is a multi-touch computer in the shape of a table, with a flat screen that can read multi-touch gestures, as well as content from printed material placed onto the device, thanks to five cameras inside the machine. The possibilities are innumerable: the kids want to paint but you do not like the idea of the mess you will have to clean up; you want to plan your route but that computer is taking ages just to start up; or you want to pay the bill at the restaurant with your credit card. It is all possible with Microsoft’s Surface.

This new technology, which no longer needs mouse or keyboard but only the touch of your fingers, seems to be the next generation device. Contracts have already been made with Sheraton, T-mobile and numerous hotels. Microsoft does not yet focus on the consumer market and has not made any statements yet about when the private customer should expect it to be available. Up to now they only focus on retail, hospitality, automotive, banking, and healthcare industries. However, I believe we should not rush into things. On the one hand, the price will be high, especially during the first years after the introduction, but will eventually level off. On the other hand, I would also question the aspect of mobility, endurance, power consumption and user-friendliness. The Surface is fantastic material, that is beyond dispute, but everything comes at a price. In Microsoft’s Surface case only the future will tell.



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  1. I also wondered how many people would be able to buy this, so I did some research on the Internet. According to the website, the Surface costs €11,000, and a “developer unit” will set you back an extra €2,000. You and I will not be cheated out of our money, though. For now, the device is only available for commercial businesses.

    What interests me more is the Surface’s energy consumption. I can imagine that a state-of-the-art device that has this many applications could turn out to be heavy on energy. This in turn would result in a high bill, which would mean that the Surface would actually cost far more than €11,000. However, I have not managed to find any information about this, which actually is a bit doubtful. If it would be low on energy, that would surely be all over the Internet, especially in these times of climate change and growing environmental awareness.

    (Aagje Verbogen)

    Comment by Aagje Verbogen — March 23, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

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