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February 28, 2009

Go and spread the word…

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Employee communication is a very important aspect that is often neglected. However, if you do it right, your company will blossom. To help companies, Fleischmann-Hillard, a famous communication agency, has created a guideline for employee communication:

There are 9 steps a company must take.

1. Assess the situation. This means collecting as many information as possible.

2. Develop a communications document. This document contains key messages and the business goals.

3. Align senior management. It is crucial that you have the support of all your senior managers. Often, these people have a lot of influence, so it’s good to have them on your side.

4. Engage middle management. That way, they will feel more connected to the company.

5. Begin a dialogue, not a monologue. Let your employees play a role in your succes. If they are happy, they can serve as ambassadors.

6. Determine the right mix of communication channels. The keywords here are: less is more.

7. Measure results. Show these results to your employees, make sure they notice them.

8. Establish a system of reward and recognition. This provides long lasting performance improvements.

9. Stay the course. Succes won’t happen overnight, it takes a while. In the end, however, it’s worth the effort.

So go and spread the word to your employees…


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  1. Reading up on employee communication can help you implementing these guidelines better. On his website, Rodney Gray, a consultant and managing director of Employee Communication & Surveys Pty Ltd, publishes reviews of the books on (employee) communication he has read. It might be wise to select and read some of the books he mentions there, especially as Gray knows communication management as he teaches it at the University of Technology in Sydney.

    Aagje Verbogen

    Comment by Aagje Verbogen — March 3, 2009 @ 10:55 am

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