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February 10, 2009

NetGeners on the workfloor: what to expect and how to treat them

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In times of crisis, the new generation of workforce, often called ‘the Millenials’, ‘Generation Y’ or ‘the Net Generation’, are finding it hard to settle in their jobs. The problem is that they prefer an open and collaborative style, as opposed to the command-and-control model managers prefer in times of crisis.

These managers, however, should not forget the value of the newcomers in the labour market. For instance, as these youngsters are familiar with social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, they are experts in creating buzz among their peers. They are also very flexible, and willing to move to other countries or work overtime. And they are experts at doing different things at a time. Managers had better do efforts to keep them motivated, as workloads are getting tougher. Above all, they should give them regular feedback about their performance, as NetGeners typically thrive on feedback. A new computer application, called ‘Rypple’, has been especially designed for that purpose.

sources: the Economist: Generation Y goes to work
the Economist: the Rypple effect


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