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October 15, 2008

Of Iphones and chargers.

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There are troubles in Iphone land. Over the last weeks, Apple has been trying to put out little brushfires with regards to their latest, hyped gadget, the Iphone. Chargers giving the user electric shocks needed to be recalled from the shelves, a television advertisement has been ruled ‘misleading’ by the Advertising Standards Authority and the user-friendliness and accessibility of the Iphone in general have been questioned. One would think that this is the perfect time for Apple to try and set things right by offering replacement chargers, apologies or at least an explanation.

Not so, according to the company itself. The replacement chargers were only available from the 10th of October, about four weeks later, and until then users had to use a computer to charge their phones. Apple was also unwilling to give a comment with regards to the misleading ad. However, they did launch the new Iphone 3G, which solves part of the accessibility problem, because it is faster. But even this did not go smoothly, due to software problems and a problem with the I-tunes server. Once again, Apple gave no comment.

Time for the consumer to turn to something else perhaps? Google has recently launched a Google-powered ‘smartphone’, with ease of use as a key feature. There is, of course, also the famous Blackberry and the Nokia N95.

Or is it time for Apple to reconsider its communication and customer service?

(Marilyn Michels)


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